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Visual Image Salon opened in 1983 with six styling chairs and even fewer staff members. Our goal was to "make it," (even though we weren't quite sure what that meant, other than staying afloat). More than two decades later, we've added two dozen or so stylists, a full roster of devoted clients, and set our sights on considerably loftier goals. Many say that we've made it, but we prefer to believe that we're just getting started.

Over the first twenty-four years, Visual Image Salon has evolved into a place that offers a world-class experience accessible to anyone. We've developed an "it" factor—an energy you feel when you're here that lets you know you're in a very unique place.

What makes "it" happen is our relentless desire to continuously improve what we do, while giving clients the very best of our talents and expertise.

Today the salon has a team of more than 40 talented professionals, dedicated to making our clients' visits extraordinary. Our commitment to the satisfaction of our clients, together with our love and passion for our craft, continues to make Visual Image Salon one of the best-known and most reputable salons in Northern California.