VI @work

Visual Image at your office
Visualimage@Work allows businesses of any size to offer their employees a unique and highly valuable benefit. Personal appearance and image matters greatly in every occupation. By enrolling in Visualimage@Work, your company or business can encourage and empower employees to take advantage of one of the Bay Area's most highly regarded salons to improve and maintain their appearance, and in turn gain added confidence and effectiveness in their job.

By enrolling in the Visualimage@Work program, all employees of the enrolled company or business receive special pricing for all Visual Image Salon services. In addition, the enrolled company may purchase Visual Image Salon Gift Cards at a special business rate for use towards gifting programs for employees and/or customers.

Once enrolled your company will receive a dedicated email address, "", via which any employee may self-register by sending their name and contact information using their work email account, which confirms their eligibility to enroll in the program.

Visualimage@Work is a unique benefit that any business can offer its employees, and can have a profoundly positive effect on employee confidence, morale, and overall job performance.

To learn more about Visualimage@Work or to enroll, send your inquiry or request to
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