Dear Beloved Clients and Friends,
For the last 37 years Visual Image Salon has been a home to extraordinarily talented stylists, and has been an exclusive retail destination for Bumble and Bumble products for 20+ years.
Our stylists have always been dedicated to career-long learning and sharing their knowledge with CLIENTS and have always had a creative view on TRENDS and CLASSICS. This speaks to the stylists’ passion for their craft and also our passion for our clients. And most importantly, how wonderful and loyal YOU have been to the Visual Image Family.
It has been our great pleasure to meet and get to know so many special and interesting people from all walks of life and all of us have made many lifelong friends. We are so grateful for all of the laughs and tears and seeing us through so many milestones in our lives, like marriages, growing families, and also through the challenging times. We always wanted to create a space where you could truly relax, feel pampered and feel taken care of both inside and out, and we believe we have achieved that!
With this appreciation yet also bittersweet sadness, we are announcing that due to the prolonged shelter-in-place of 6 months, Visual Image Salon has officially CLOSED as of October 1st.
The good news is that some of our longtime stylists will be opening a new salon in the same (reimagined!) space, as new owners with their new salon name (Salon V.I) and a tentative opening date of November 5th! We have confidence that big and better things are in store and awaiting you!!
We want to THANK YOU AGAIN for making Visual Image Salon such a special place to be for 37 years!
The Visual Image Salon Team